Homily of Cardinal Angelo Amato in the function of the Macarena Septenary

24 March 2012

Homily [1]

Angelo Card. Amato, SDB

Illustrious Mr. Manuel Garcia Garcia, Brother dela Royal, Illustrious and Fervent Nazarene Brotherhood and Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Father Jesus Mary dela dela Sentenciay Esperanza Macarena

Dear Brothers and Sisters

1. It is the second time I return to Seville to celebrate Mary dela EsperanzaMacarena.La first visit was in September 1995 (1995), on the occasion of the celebration of the fourth centenary dela Fundação your Brotherhood, and talked then God’s mercy Madrede dela.

I appreciate your invitation this time too. Gladly go back to your city, famous for its monuments of art, but also for its illustrious saints and blessed, who have testified in the history of Christ’s love and truth of the Gospel.

I accepted the invitation to preside SolemneEucaristía, at the conclusion of the septenary in honor of Mary dela EsperanzaMacarena to thank VirgenMaríasu wing maternal presence in the beatification of 18 (diesiocho) September 2010 (dosmildiez) of Mother Mary dela Purisima, seventh Superior General Compañíadela dela Cruz Sisters.

It was an exciting spectacle and unforgettable view dela Cartujatransformarse Stadium in a magnificent cathedral and hold thousands of religious and faithful, to pray and glorify a Religious who had witnessed Christ’s love in your city, with a humble and constant service towards the poor and needy.

The extraordinary Presenza Macarenaen dela stage BeataMaríadela Purísimahabía wanted chelates indicate she learned the noble lesson Evangelical and disinterested aid specific to poor and indigent neighbor. Imitating Jesus Madrede wing, the new Blessed had transformed his stay in Seville in total giving of their physical and spiritual energies to the brothers and sisters homeless, feeding the hungry and drink to the thirsty, visiting the sick, comforting the afflicted, holding the wavering, returning all the confidence and zest for life.

The day of the beatification of Seville were surprised and rejoiced to see Macarenacaminar wing through the streets of their city. Madrecelestial Erala visiting his children, blessing and encouraging them with his presence and intercession.

2. This pilgrimage of Mary is the symbol of human life, a journey, a journey at sea, often dark and stormy history. In this passage we need stars to tell us the route: “The real stars of our life, says Pope Benedict XVI (sixteen) – are the people who have lived good lives. They are lights of hope. Of course, Jesus Christ is the light par excellence […]. But to reach him we also need lights close of – of people who radiate light from the light and thus provide guidance for our journey. And what better person could Mary be the star of hope for us […]? “. [2]

Marian devotion has never been a more timely than that of Mary star of hope. Today we have a great need to wait. Social reality often leads to pessimism and mistrust. But we must not be poisoned by pessimism. The wisdom of the classics exhorted: “Oh man, lives in hope and feed on hope.” [3]

Hope is the oxygen of existence, because it instills a positive attitude, which is opposed to resignation, to despair, discouragement, discouragement. Hope belongs to the identity of human beings. Without hope, there is like a ship stranded shipwrecked on the rocks: you can not move, can not continue its path toward the goal. The man needs hope and dynamism that gives value to life.

3. Where often human hopes fail, trust in divine providence never fails not. The psalmists often sing the hope of man on God’s help “you, Lord, my hope, my trust from my youth” (Ps. 71, 5).

Why we must not despair, why should we trust? Because we are in the hands of wise and merciful God our Creator and Father. Our personal and community life can be compared to a wedding banquet, which at one point short of wine, that is the excitement and joy of living. The word of God assures us that the feast of our existence, as at the wedding at Cana, Jesus and Mary are also involved (John 2, 1). And Mary, with her maternal intuition, quickly realizes the lack of wine, the situation of distress and sadness and invites your divine Son Jesus intervenir.Y makes his first miracle, turning water into good wine, fragrant and abundant. Thus the feast of life continues with serenity.

This is the meaning of hope: Jesus and Mary are here with us, in our history. At Cana, and in Seville and throughout the world, the feast of the newlyweds is the loving presence of God in humanity need, inthe Church, in our families. MadreInmaculada Porla called Jesus who changed water into wine, transform our distrust of hope, sorrow into joy, lack in abundance.

4. It is, in fact, Jesus, “our hope” (cf. 1 Tim 1, 1), a “hope does not disappoint” (Rom 5: 5), because it’s answer to man’s possibilities, but the effective and active presence of God the Creator in history is this “hope to which you were called” (Eph 4, 4).

Christian hope is Christ risen. It is He who brings us into “a new heaven and new earth” (cf. Rv 21: 1), who wipes the tears from our eyes, who eliminated the death, mourning, lamentation and every affliction (cf. Rev. 21, 4), whom we satisfied with the fruits of the tree of life (cf. Rev. 22, 2), who enlightens us with the sun his light (cf. Rv 22: 5), who gives us water eternal life (cf. Rev. 21, 17).

Before the moment of betrayal, Jesus told his disciples: “Take courage! I have overcome the world “(Jn 16, 33),” Do not be troubled and do not be afraid “(Jn 14, 27).

The recipient of this appeal does not erala VirgenMaría, strong and faithful woman.Before the Cross of her Son dying, she pondered the words of the angel at the Annunciation: “Fear not, Mary” (Lk 1, 30). For this firm belief, the mission received from Jesus to become the mother of all believers (Jn 19, 26-27), mother of hope: “Hail, holy Queen, mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope” .

Devotees of EsperanzaMacarenaconocen While this maternal role of Mary, her anelos enconmendando and supplications. In the book of signatures of the levees of the Virgin of Hope read these petitions of the brothers and devotees: “Since I was 9 (nine) years I wanted to come to Seville for you, now I have 28 (twenty-eight) and do not want to part with you, Lady of Seville. ” “Take the bread if you wish, take air away, but do not take away your tears and your smile. Hope is the dream of the waking man. I love you “.”Mother, your Hope I am nothing. Thanks for being yours. ” “This is the last year we kiss your hand as boyfriends. Next year, if your son wants, we will be husband and wife.Bless our marriage, our mother of Hope “. [4] are the hearts of the children who trust their desires and dreams wing heavenly Mother.

5. Taught by Jesus and Mary, we too are called to be witnesses of hope. We are a people without hope. Said a wise monk Christian faith spread hope throughout our existence, then made flowers and mature fruits of charity.

But specifically how to live and manifest this hope? The three attitudes suggest EsperanzaMacarenapodría Marian.

First we must avoid both despair and presumption. Hope keeps us from pessimism, which considered insignificant and worthless existence. S. Instruiba and Cyril of Jerusalem to the Christians of his time: “Do not despair of ourselves, brethren, do not abandon us and deprive us of hope! It’s terrible not to believe in hope of conversion […].The snake sheds its old skin and we should not we be rid of sin? A land full of brambles, if grown well, transforms and produces good fruit. And without hope of our salvation? “[5] Hope also preserves us from the presumption, he thinks he can solve everything with only the human forces. [6] repeat with the Psalmist:” Thou art, Lord, my hope and my trust from my youth “(Psalm 71, 5).

Second, we are invited to take daily gestures of hope. Hope is like love. You need to continually manifest in gestures and words. They may be attitudes and words of patience, tolerance, forgiveness, comfort.

Third, we must live with the firm hope that we walk towards the heavenly homeland.Christian hope, in fact, ripping the dark door of time, opening to the sun of eternal life, to God’s future, which can not be overridden by the earthly vanity and even death can not destroy. And it is precisely this hope of eternal life, which sees us through the everyday illusions and disappointments and holding many small hope of life. Said S. Basil: “Have you received an outrage? Look at the glory reserved for your perseverance in the sky!Have you suffered economic harm? Ten eyes fixed on the heavenly riches and treasure you’ve won with good deeds! Have you been kicked out of your country? But your home is the heavenly Jerusalem! Have you lost a child? But you are the angels that danzarás around the throne of God and will enjoy eternal joy. “[7]

6. Dear friends, on the feast of Mary dela EsperanzaMacarena, renew our hope, which is the medicine of our woes.

Dear Brothers and Sisters dela EsperanzaMacarena are a great army of 12,490 (twelve thousand four hundred ninety) brothers. Young people up to 25 (twenty five) years form the largest part dela Hermandad.Son4.757 (four thousand seven hundred fifty-seven), ie the 38 (thirty-eight) percent. This means that you give you Iglesiay wing society with an extraordinary positive message of hope and youth. Non only with prayer but also with actions, helping the poor with food, clothing, medicines, paying the bills for gas, electricity and water for poor families, working many charitable initiatives. You are messengers of hope and anchor in your city and around the world.

The true throne dela Macarenaes your heart good, generous and welcoming. You are the living crown of Mary. Continue to be faithful to your rule. Keep up your glorious city with your presence beneficial.

The Lord bless you always andthe EsperanzaMacarenasea your shield against all evil heavenly.


[1] Homily delivered in Seville on March 18, 2012, during the Septenary dela concluding Mass in honor of Mary dela Esperanza Macarena.

[2] Benedict XVI, Enc. Spe Salvi, n. 49.

[3] Euripides, Fragment 826.

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[5] Catechesis 2.5.

[6] STh II II Q.19 a. 12, Q.20 a.3.

[7] Homily on Thanksgiving, 7.

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