Recognition Brothers celebrate 75 and 50 years in the Brotherhood

18 March 2012

Before ending the last day of Painful Septenary, chaired by Rev. Fr. Mr. D. Antonio Borrego Cobos, Rector del7 temple, which the Brotherhood held in honor of Our Lady of Hope Macarena, there was the delivery of the scrolls to the Brothers who met seventy-five years of uninterrupted stay in our Corporation and the imposition of the medal those who met FIFTY years. The event was chaired by Hermano Mayor, D. Manuel Garcia Garcia, accompanied by Teniente de Hermano Mayor, D. Álvaro García García-Carranza. Observed the rite of this recognition to those who have been in the record of devotion to Our Sacred Headlines a reason for living there was a photo college to plants of the Blessed Virgin and then moved to the hall of the House Brotherhood where chatted next to the Governing Board, a fraternal coexistence.

FIFTY YEARS N.H.D. Jose Marcos Romero Ramirez de Arellano N.H.D. Diego Luis Lopez Bejar N.H.D. Manuel Recio Martinez N.H.D. Luis María Fernández Echevarría N.H.D. Salvador Fernández Echevarría N.H.D. Manuel Garcia Orgaz N.H.D. Isidro Roman Cord N.H.D. Artacho Modesto Caballero N.H.D. Jose Maria Caballero Millan N ª. HISTORY. Ms. Isabel Sanchez Brun N.H.D. Jose Gonzalez Rengel N ª. HISTORY. Ms. Maria Dolores Enriquez Salvago N.H.D. Barry George Scheirer N.H.D. Pedro Luis Navarro Fernandez N.H.D. José Luis Duran Belmonte N.H.D. Francisco Morales Bazo N.H.D. Manuel Morales Bazo N.H.D. Manuel J. Pinillos Martinez Morales N.H.D. Julio José León Muñoz N.H.D. Juan Luis Lopez Alvarez-Ossorio N.H.D. Jose Antonio Romero Fajardo N.H.D. Andres de la Haza Goncer N.H.D. Jose Antonio Garduño Navas N.H.D. Francisco Manuel Rodriguez Perez N.H.D. Sunday Cobreros Fidalgo N.H.D. Aurelio Alvarez Prado N.H.D. Juan Antonio Ruiz-Diaz and Marvizón N.H.D. Francisco Javier Fernandez Almagro N.H.D. Manuel Hurtado Miguel Lamas N.H.D. Angel Luis Ruiz Centeno N.H.D. Ojeda Manuel Gonzalez N.H.D. Francisco Merino Calderón N.H.D. Asensio Gregorio Navarro N.H.D. Antonio Aviles Machuca N.H.D. Jose Manuel Garzon Benedict N ª. HISTORY. Ms. Rosario Perez Rodriguez N ª. HISTORY. Ms. Ernestina Maria Morillo Hertogs N.H.D. Manuel Aguilar Yedro N ª. HISTORY. Ms. Maria Luisa Reyes Porras N.H.D. José María Méndez Nova N.H.D. Manuel Jimenez Garcia N.H.D. Jose Javier Sanchez Herrera N.H.D. Juan Antonio Garcia-Penalosa Manjarón N.H.D. Rafael Galán Bisoqui N.H.D. José Antonio Fernández de la Torre N.H.D. Celedonio Francisco Gonzalez N.H.D. Manuel Prieto-Carreño Aguado N.H.D. Antonio Martínez Suárez-Barcena N.H.D. Manuel de Jesus Gutierrez Valdes N.H.D. Francisco Miranda Morales SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS N.H.D. Miguel Rodriguez Beautiful N.H.D. Francisco Rodriguez Beautiful N.H.D. Jose Martinez Ruiz N.H.D. Miguel Cardenas Rodriguez N.H.D. Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez N.H.D. Antonio Jimenez Aguilar N.H.D. Manuel Hernandez Rodriguez.

Photos: NHD Antonio Tirado Muñoz

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