Widespread presence of veterans in the Quinary Macarenos and Septenary

21 March 2012

The Veterans Project has facilitated the participation Macarenosin Quinary the Lord of Judgment and the septenary of Our Lady of Hope to a large number of older brothers. In total, there were 35 performances in these cults (15 during the Quinary and 20 duringthe septenary) spread over different days, thanks to these brothershave been able to go to the Basilica and participate in themcomfortably.Has once again highlighted the high involvement of the Projectvolunteers, who, as they have done for over four years, have collected at home for veterans to take them to the Basilica, where they had a space reserved for the cult . At the end of it, the volunteers have taken back to their homes to these brothersveterans.The Brotherhood remember that all those brothers and sisters with70 or more years old who are interested in joining the projectMacarenos Veterans can do so by contacting the secretariatdirectly or through a family member that enrolls.

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