Fees and Tax Deduction provided Alms

30 April 2012

Dear members

On 3rd May to July 2 will open the submission of the annual declaration of income tax for the year 2011.

As in 2010, those brothers / sisters at January 30, 2012 weresuccessfully brought the NIF in its census form as a member of our corporation, will benefit economically from their dues paid in the past year and of non-anonymous alms given to the Brotherhood,including ballot for the site to perform penance Station.

This tax reduction from the whole amount of that tax, shall be equivalent to 25% of the amounts paid for the items mentioned above.

For this exercise, are somewhat more than 5600 brothers / sisterswho, having met the conditions outlined above, will be able to get compensated for their contributions to the economic support of the Brotherhood, which have been reflected the deduction mentioned in the draft or on the information prosecutor who has received or will receive these days by the Inland Revenue.

Nevertheless, only the brothers referred to in the preceding paragraph, in case you need a certificate from the contribution made, may apply to the Secretary of the Brotherhood by any of the usual means, which will be sent as soon as possible

Therefore, we encourage those brothers / sisters, who have not already done so, to review and, if correct, your census data, especially the NIF, to be awarded this significant reduction in the cost of their contribution wing Brotherhood coming year.

As we know, this revision can be performed easily through thiswebsite, in the section entitled “Personal Data” which can be foundin access reserved for siblings of the corporation.

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