Regular General Cabildo Accounts

25 October 2012

Through this, President Order and pursuant to the provisions of our holy rules, citing all the Brothers, aged eighteen and over a year old, the

Regular General Cabildo Accounts

for the day November 11, 2012, which starts at ten in the morning, on first call, and ten-thirty in the second, with the following


1st. – Reading and approval, if applicable, minutes of previous Accounts Cabildo.

2nd., Reading notes for 2011/2012

3rd. – Presentation and approval, if appropriate, of the Annual Accounts of the Brotherhood of Exercise 2011/2012

4th. – Annual adjustment of fees.

5th. – Presentation and approval, if applicable, the Brotherhood’s budget for the year 2012/2013

6th. – Report of the maintenance and preservation of our sacred images made by NHD Headlines Francisco Torres Arquillo

7th. – Report of Big Brother

8th. – Proposed grant of the title (or appointment as) Honorary Director of the Polyphonic Choir to NHD Jose Marquez Morales.

9th. – Questions and answers


What you communicate to your timely assistance.

Seville, October 2012
The Secretary of Our Lady of Hope

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