In the Basilica Macarena may obtain indulgences for the Year of Faith

10 December 2012

On October 29 D. Juan Jose Asenjo Pelegrina, Archbishop of Seville, has decreed that the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Esperanza Macarena, besides the Cathedral and other churches, as a place of pilgrimage for the Archdiocese of Seville in which profit from the Plenary Indulgence decreed by the Apostolic Penitentiary on 14 September during the Year of Faith

              According to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Plenary Indulgence for the temporal punishment of sins should go on pilgrimage, truly sorry and fulfilled the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father ), and participate in a sacred celebration, or at least stop at a quiet time with pious meditations, concluding with the recitation of the Our Father, the Profession of Faith and invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

             During the celebration of the Year of Faith, which legitimately priests at the Basilica Macarena confess them enjoy the same powers that are set for the Canon Penitentiary in c. 508 1 CIC, ie ek absolve in the sacramental forum censures latae sententiae undeclared or reserved to the Holy See. These confessors, warning the faithful of the gravity of sins that is linked to a reservation or censorship, determine appropriate sacramental penance, to lead them as much as possible to a stable contrition and, if appropriate, impose any repair damage and scandals.

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