Stewardship News for payment of fees this year

5 December 2012

Being near the end of 2012, are requested to those brothers / sisters who still have outstanding fees, paid receipts for the same using any of the various possibilities that the Brotherhood has enabled it:

1. – By Electronic Payment, charged to a credit card or debit card in the specific section for consultation and settlement of outstanding bills, which is within the restricted access to the brothers of our Website.

2. – Making a deposit or bank transfer to the account maintained at Cajasol Brotherhood – La Caixa with 2106.0197.22.1132000224 No, as a concept indicating both names and brother’s name and the year and quarter in question share.

3. – Sidedressing payment receipts or letters that were sent last January the brothers have not yet domiciled payment of dues.

These receipts can pay part or all of the following ways:

A. – In cash, “stop” at any branch of Cajasol-La Caixa on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:00 hours.

B. – If the payer is customer receipts Cajasol-La Caixa and has open a checking or savings account in that entity may also choose to:

* Upload your own or book.

* Pay them through the ATM network of Cajasol

* Or by electronic banking entity (www.

C. – Directly on the secretariat of the Brotherhood with cash or credit / debit card.

Those brothers are satisfied that these letters have received payment, or that have been lost, can collect or request the secretary a duplicate thereof, which will be delivered or sent by email, as desired.

However, for convenience of the brothers and savings in management costs, please domiciled paying fees at a bank or savings bank.

This procedure can be performed:

By changing the method of payment of installments on the first access of restricted access to the brothers on this Web site, called “Personal data”.

Communicating, email, fax 954 903 177, by mailing or in person at the Secretariat of the Brotherhood.

Filling the boxes the space provided in the third section of the aforementioned bills, to pay them over the counter at any branch of Cajasol-La Caixa.

Remain, being available to any brother / sister to specify more detailed information, receive a warm greeting in the Lord.

The Steward of Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza

Pedro Bohorquez Jimenez

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