Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of Seville

12 June 2013

On June 11, 2013 saw the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Brotherhood of the Macarena, the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Seville and EUSA Campus. The event was held on the premises of the Basilica was attended by President of the Chamber of Commerce, D. Herrero Francisco Leon, Advisor Trade Chamber, D. Miguel Sanchez Montes de Oca, Director of Communication, Mrs. Belen Martinez Gomez, CEO of EUSA, NHD NHD Salvador Gonzalez Gomez and Eduardo Flores Morales. The Big Brother of the corporation D. Manuel García García, performed by the Corporation.

The collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Seville with the Brotherhood of the Macarena goes back to the years in which they carried out the actual building of the Basilica de la Macarena, COCINS exercising effective in obtaining work donations collected in large populations of national geography, allowing this work to help in achieving the target set by the Brotherhood to Our Lady of Hope Macarena could receive public worship in their own church.

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of Hope, SS Pope Benedict XVI, through the Apostolic Penitentiary, has distinguished the Brotherhood of the Macarena granting holding a Jubilee Year, an event that is about to celebrate, and the organization in our city of Mariano and Mariology International Congress of extraordinary.

The purpose of this collaboration agreement is the mutual support between the two entities to achieve their ends.

· Promotion of visits to the Brotherhood of the Macarena. – The COCINS its best efforts to Ambassadors, Consuls, other relevant personalities and entrepreneurs keep business meetings or at the Chamber of Commerce of Seville visiting the Brotherhood of the Macarena, committing it to receive members of the Governing Board and the Big Brother where both entities so agree.

 · Dissemination of Information: In order to foster a better understanding by businesses sevillanas the Brotherhood of the Macarena, the COCINS offered to distribute among the companies attending the seminars and conferences that are held in the Chamber of Commerce leaflets or brochures on Brotherhood itself and reflecting the various departments visited, time of visits etc. provided to you by the Brotherhood of the Macarena.

 · Transfer of Documents: The COCINS, relevant request, provide the Brotherhood of the Macarena, access to documents related thereto that are on file COCINS documentary, which are specifically linked to the collection of donations that took place on the occasion of the building of the present Basilica of the Macarena to respect the EXHIBITION PARTY.

 · Assignment of Rooms preferential conditions: The COCINS provide the BROTHERHOOD OF MACARENA preferential conditions meeting rooms, auditorium, etc.. of presidential headquarters for holding events related to the Brotherhood of the Macarena which, by their nature, were deemed suitable to hold them in the seat of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville and EUSA headquarters BUSINESS UNIVERSITY (hereinafter EUSA) , his property.

 · Formation.

 · The COCINS, through the School of Business, offered free to the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MACARENA advisory and management service Continuing Education Credit for workers to develop training programs organized by the COCINS.

 · The available credit may be used by the Brotherhood of the Macarena for your employees can be trained through classroom courses in facilities or EUSA COCINS or through customized training programs that could be developed on the premises of the Brotherhood THE MACARENA in hours and days to be agreed.

 · The COCINS apply a 30% discount on all catalogs and training courses in company name for all employees of the Brotherhood, and for all those who prove to be a Brother of the Brotherhood except Master and training programs on line that are exempt discount.

 · The COCINS, offered free to all Brothers of the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MACARENA who may be interested in training advice and service Management Continuing Education Credit.

 · The EUSA COCINS and promptly inform the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MACARENA of all courses and activities organized and planned by the School of Business and EUSA COCINS.

 · Dissemination of the Convention: The COCINS and BROTHERHOOD OF THE MACARENA perform the actions agreed to disseminate the contents of this agreement.

 In this sense, the Brotherhood of the Macarena is committed to moving their brothers, through the website of the same, this agreement, its most important aspects, as well as the training that will be sending the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MACARENA from COCINS and EUSA, so that the brothers may have knowledge of it and agreed discounts.

Photos NHD Fernando Garcia Arcos

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