Macarena Youth


GruposThe origins of the youth group of La Hermandad de la Macarena are to be found at the beginning of the 1970s, when a group of young macarenos petitioned the then Hermano Mayor Eduardo Miura Fernández requesting official recognition as “Juventud Macarena” (“Macarena Youth”).

Not only was the request well received by the Hermano Mayor and by the Junta de Gobierno (the Brotherhood’s governing body), but it also stimulated them to take action in the interests of the young and of the Brotherhood itself. The creation of Juventud Macarena was therefore approved on 25th February 1971, opening the door to an exciting adventure which is still in progress today. The group, which is totally dedicated to the Brotherhood, has as its basic objective the spiritual development of its components. These were initially servers and members of the Youth Band, but since 1992 they have also included the Brotherhood’s acolytes.


Since its creation, Juventud Macarena has grown to a considerable size, mainly due to the fact that its doors are open to any young person wishing to receive training in the Brotherhood.

Indeed it is much bigger than could ever have been imagined in 1971, and now constitutes one of the groups with most members within our Brotherhood.

The group has organized and carried out numerous activities over the years; human and Christian formation, championships and competitions, quizzes on religious brotherhood themes, retreats, talks…
One of the Brotherhood’s insignia is a pennant dedicated to Juventud Macarena., embroidered by Seco Velasco y Carrasquilla, with its corresponding set of ceremonial staffs These are carried by members of the group at the head of one of the sections of nazarenos accompanying the paso of El Señor de la Sentencia in the procession in the Madrugada of Good Friday.

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