Principal insignia


It would be a huge task to list all the details of the Brotherhood’s extensive collection of luxurious insignia. The following are just some of the many examples which form part of the great Easter procession:

Cruz de Guía

Executed in silver by Manuel Seco Velasco in 1955, from an earlier design by Juan Manuel Rodríguez Ojeda. The cross is accompanied by four lanterns, two of which were made by Fernando Marmolejo Camargo in 1962 and the other two by Manuel Seco Velasco en 1974.

Patrimonio artístico

Santo Cristo

This image of Christ, executed in cedar wood by Fernando Murciano Abad in 2005, is an excellent replica of the Brotherhood’s old Christ Crucified, the image sculpted by Pedro Nieto in 1630 and which was carried in the Brotherhood’s processions up until the 18th century.


The banner, embroidered in fine gold thread on purple silk by Sucesores de José Caro in 1938, is based on a design by Ignacio Gómez Millán. At the top the insignia has the imperial eagle posing on a laurel crown, a work executed by Juan Fernández Gómez in 1940.

Basilical Insignia

This comprises the Tintinnabulum (the Latin word for “bell”) and the Canopeum (Latin for canopy), also known as the Umbraculum (from the Latin: ””umbra” meaning shadow or shade). It is the insignia the Holy See concedes to churches that have been granted the status of basilicas. Both the Tintinnabulum and the Brotherhood’s Basilica Standard were made by Manuel Seco Velasco (1967).

Simpecado del Rosario

This was embroidered at the Sobrinos de José Caro workshop to a design by Ignacio Gómez Millán. The silverwork is by Francisco Bautista and the replica of La Virgen del Rosario is by Castillo Lastrucci. The whole ensemble dates from 1940.

Patrimonio artísticoLibro de Reglas

The ivory and silver work surrounding for the Brotherhood’s coat-of-arms is the work of Fernando Marmolejo Camargo and dates from 1949. The four staffs which accompany the insignia were made by Manuel Seco Velasco in 1963.

Patrimonio artístico


The Brotherhood’s corporate standard was made by Esperanza Elena Caro in 1972. The pole was made by the silversmith Manuel Seco Velasco.


Apart from the paintings decorating the Basilica itself – all the work of Rafael Rodríguez with the single exception of the ceiling vault in the camarín of El Señor de la Sentencia, which is by Manuel Flores – the Brotherhood possesses a rich pictorial heritage.

This includes the works executed for the Brotherhood by the eminent painter Alfonso Grosso (Santa Ángela de la Cruz, the poster for the Canonical Coronation, the portrait of Cardinal Bueno Monreal), the genre paintings of Manuel Flores and the Brotherhood’s own collection of posters comprising originals by some of Seville’s leading contemporary artists.

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