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Dear member and user:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Brotherhood of the Macarena, an institution that I have the honor to preside.

The website you have the opportunity to visit is the result of the strong commitment of our Brotherhood for the future and innovation, and improved transparency of information, optimization of the resources of the Brotherhood and the promotion of participation and quality in the service of our brothers, devotees and those who want to become one someday or be attracted by the enormous power of attraction of our sacred images, our history and our character. An opportunity also to contribute to the spread of our values and the expansion of our devotion. A medium, in short, to be spread throughout the world our message of Hope.

The Brotherhood of the Macarena, true to its history written from the constant aspiration be at the forefront with this page, you take another step that makes it possible to multiply your ability to communicate, to meet the demand of millions of users of new information technologies and facilitate their brethren the online tools needed to perform the steps you need, without having to leave their place of residence or work

With this service will we provide you with a dynamic portal and current, with an intuitive design, simple and well structured, user-centered, with applications that facilitate interaction, interoperability and exchange of information, enhance participation and increase the ability to benefit from the network and offers visitors the latest stemming from the intense activity of the corporation.

On these three pillars – contribute to the achievement of our goals, timeliness and service-this window is based on the World Brotherhood. You who can contemplate it asomáis from the most diverse approaches – historical, economic, institutional, health care and, of course, before any other, religious and devotional – part of their worship, offer or reserve a mass wedding date , request group booking to visit the Treasury or virtual tours, souvenirs or items in our shop, help the economic support of the corporation through a voluntary registration Welfare and the possibility of virtual gifts likely to generate tax benefits donors, and collaborate with your testimony or written and audiovisual contact with the Brotherhood .

If you brother, the potential use of this site are expanded considerably: query and update your personal details, payment of fees and participation in sweepstakes beneficial opportunity to get your ballot place for the season of penance or request staff or badge courtship, sign up for the Procession of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross and enjoy as many services are offered permanent or circumstantially.

The Web, in short, tailored to user and brother, subject to your demands and interests, designed by and for the Brotherhood and the improvement of its management and aims to spread the Christian message of hope through the network for the world and in the XXI century.

As if you were in the Basilica: welcome to the Macarena.

Manuel García García
The President of the Brotherhood

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