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    Those Members who wish to participate with articles on the website of the Brotherhood can send their texts to the email address stating " literary collaboration" in the matter and may not exceed the extension of an A4 sheet the format of the letter of 12 points. If you want to send a picture to illustrate the article, it must be submitted in jpg format.

    The texts, which must contain the name and ID of the author, will be published following the guidelines dictated by the Rules for all activities of the Brotherhood, supervised and monitored by the Governing Board, restricting those who do not comply with the standards referenced. However, the editors made for the publication of texts on the website, you do not necessarily assume the entire contents of the contributions of members, be they ever published that fall in the criteria and the Board of Directors considered of general interest web.

  • Life, our sweetness and our hope

    Written 14.08.2013

    Never was so well known anonymity. That must think who on a spring afternoon likely of those that gives the eternal city is not Rome but Sevilla in Lent, Immaculate imagine your divine face as the sun rested on the horizon which creates the mirror Guadalquivir, unfair reflection of such beauty. Both fear felt who … Continue reading


    Written 15.03.2013

    On March 13 after five votes was elected as the new pope Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who will govern the future of the Church under the name of Francis I. The conclave. On 12 March began the conclave in which 115 cardinals would choose a successor to Benedict XVI. Some of … Continue reading

  • Masses at the Basilica group

    Written 4.01.2013

    In order to facilitate those groups of devotees who wish to celebrate in the Basilica of  Santa Maria de la Esperanza Macarena a Holy Eucharist outside Mass and ordinary cults that the Brotherhood has established, implemented in this Web page one new application to carry them out on line, easily and without having to travel … Continue reading

  • Macareno yearbook

    Written 29.12.2012

    The Brotherhood of the Macarena closes another year. Fits doors as it does with its Basilica on Good Friday morning: saying goodbye to step in front of his universal Virgin, looking from a commendable balance of goals achieved, with the finishing touch of your lavish relief work. The bulk yearbook just received these days its … Continue reading

  • Romans under the Arc

    Written 19.12.2012

    Inside the basilica, the silence of the vigil macarena. Outside, under the arch, caroling armaos guitar, key chains and bottle of brandy. Inside the Basilica off the half-light of the candles showed hope as many generations must have seen in the chapel of San Gil from 1653, itself light illuminating the darkness broken only by … Continue reading

  • Advent, a time of hope

    Written 4.12.2012

    Though we were in the last days of our chronological year, we are located just before the first period of the Catholic liturgical year. It figures in the prophet Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary of Nazareth where the Church represents the coming of Christ and the hope of the resurrection, but in Seville Advent … Continue reading

  • Guided by Hope

    Written 14.11.2012

    That night Hope is guided by the hope that she gives us, the mother .. the mother of Seville, the mother of Seville, which is my madre.Ella Esperanza, which is light, it’s Santa, is Ella, Early the next every Easter to remind us that while there is life there is hope, that when she looks … Continue reading

  • N.H.D. Carlos Colón presents ESPERANZA NUESTRA 2012

    Written 9.11.2012

    Dragon falls for the second time on ESPERANZA NUESTRA. And this second call is still more than the first Macarena. What will the third? Better yet, no doubt, and not be so hard to do. We know all the year whose anniversaries will be included in the third issue of our hope, by 2014, will … Continue reading

  • ESPERANZA NUESTRA Presentation 2012; The President of the Brotherhood

    Written 9.11.2012

    It is my pleasure and honor to address you on the occasion of the presentation of the number for the year 2012 of our hope, the landmark publication of the Brotherhood of the Macarena that, since last year, which began its third season, is published annually. A year ago, when we presented the first issue … Continue reading

  • It’s not your time *

    Written 13.10.2012

    It is the family that feels the absence, which meets. There’s a festival for every occasion and there is no greater joy, no greater celebration to be together sharing smiles, flooding the spirit with hugs and kisses. Is the air coming rubbing the edges of memory who whispers the void, that caresses the skin and … Continue reading


    Written 12.10.2012

    And a faint ray of sun begins to break through the dense dark clouds. And do not stop there …. It’s not just a ray, is the same sun that wins the battle to the impenetrable darkness of despair. Here comes the light, and again illuminate the façade that both misses it, and reheated the … Continue reading

  • Take care

    Written 28.09.2012

    Work because of my son and his family are leaving for Mexico. We all know that is just around the corner, either in time or in euros. And we’re afraid that your family will be starting soon, since we were two years without our children, grandchildren, brother and nephews. This for a close-knit family living … Continue reading

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