The Treasure of La Macarena


Tesoro de la MacarenaThe Treasure Rooms of La Hermandad de la Macarena constitute a unique museum. The fact that the museum’s extensive holdings are regularly released for use in the institution’s corporate activities makes it an active, dynamic exhibition space where the items on display at any one time will always be subject to the requirements of the Brotherhood’s different religious ceremonies.

The museum occupies five spacious rooms in a three-storey building adjacent to the Basilica. It offers visitors a moving journey through the History of the Brotherhood and of Seville’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations in general, highlighting the Brotherhood’s links with the Macarena quarter, the City of Seville and all the places in the world where the La Virgin de La Macarena is venerated, the Institution’s current activities and the deep-rooted popular devotion to its titular figures. The visit ends with an exhibition of the pasos (processional floats), mantles, robes, dresses, crowns, liturgical complements and all the other elements which make up the famous procession in the Madrugada (early morning) of Good Friday.

Tesoro de la MacarenaThe museum’s contemporary design and cutting edge exhibition facilities are enhanced by a magnificent additional feature which considerably increases the amount of information that can be provided about the items on display, thereby raising the quality of the whole experience. The Audioguide service allows visitors to listen to high quality recorded commentaries on the works they are contemplating. Text, music and sound effects combine to ensure a dynamic, agreeable tour of the different rooms. The museum’s printed guidebook also offers an in-depth description of the Brotherhood’s Treasures, backed up by numerous photographs.

Tesoro de la Macarena

A visit to the Museo de la Hermandad de la Macarena offers an opportunity to chart the historic identity of a four hundred year old institution and at the same time to discover another, inherent, facet of that same reality: the modern, contemporary image projected by La Hermandad de la Macarena today.

This Museum is a dynamic exhibition space containing a number of objects of great historical importance. All year long it serves as a pioneering, highly original depository and showcase for the items used in the Brotherhood’s liturgy and internal ceremonies and, of course, in the marvellous, unique procession which captures the imagination of all Sevillians each year in the Madrugada on Good Friday.

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