the alleys

23 January 2012

It’s my corner, my imaginary balcony, my window to the world, my dreams, feelings, my experiences, the joy, my loneliness …

And also my “steps”, my friends and my “road “…. my way of seeing and understanding the land and Cofrade Mariana, Lark and taurine, showmen and taverns. My Alley me, I’ma little corner and colonels, marinated anchovies I am middle Milky del Sol y Sombra, I am often with chickpeas, spinach and cod Pavia, I spoon my mother, I am entering my drinks with friends, I’m orange , rosemary and rush, I’m Leon Barrio night, jasmine and lilies, flower pots on balconies and whitewashed walls, neighbors yard I am bullfighting, I’m Triana Bridge, San Lorenzo I am Macarena, I’m Barrio de Santa Cruz I’m from Sevilla !!!!! I’m from Triana !!!!!, land and footprints next to the Lady of San Gil, I’m green ribbon on the hat green mask I Hope, I’m the tall black lily and San Andres, I am of incense in Campana, celestial angels’m Sister Angela, I am sash and pants remangaos costal am Garduño, Villanueva, Valle, Ceballito, I Valverde, Christopher and Caiaphas, Herod I am Horses, I am Bakers, I’m The Calsa am redemption, I’m from large vessels, sweat and tears I am all of my Judgement !!!!!, Feather am Holy Thursday, Loreto and the neighborhood, Remesal, Baraka, my friend Emilio, fries eggs,
Chinese wall and I’m del Arco and Postigo, Holy Tuesday’m gardens, I’m Antonio Burgos, Barbeito, García-Ray and Perez-Reverte, the master of my gift Herrera and Francisco Robles, I am the midday sun and night of March I am romantic Gordillo green and blue, I’m laughing because I love freedom, I am of my people are the ones who never fail, I’m Reyes, Martha and Mario, I am of her, the one named Esperanza Esperanza gentlemen! !! not beautiful, I am of kisses and hugs, I’m the beauty and the beast, I am a child, I am a child, I am father, I am man, I LIFE … I am a little bit of everything, I am above all things, I am “Sevillano” I am … of my Alleys.

NHD Mario Valverde Moran

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