The Beginning of the End

10 April 2012

Let me in the blink of an eye, we are in a clearing in which in antiquity was the big city garden, orchards of those early gardeners, from the beginning took care of it, that all came to our sight, and we have the duty to preserve for our generations. On the esplanade in which silence is broken only by three calls to plant five black penitents ruan the break of dawn, after a long wait, this is broken by sounds of a century, century that even Pilate commanded by , is keeping a Judgment, Judgment listening as punishment by Pontius Pilate, while his wife cries out for mercy, clemency which Pilate washing his hands dismissed to avoid staining of charge. One step of mystery that goes with cloak, a white mantle, mantle plumes of white feathers that have a judgment in the Macarena.The wait is now less, all the time past is history, the square can not be anyone else, but if anyone does not fit, she always has a room for one more. It is at the moment you approach the door after a wait, it just looks at her, but everything is full, you are only to her, looks at you and thank for being able to be another year before their plants , She will return it with a smile, that they only look at her go. Contemplating stop the arc, the arc which bears his name, arch of the Macarena, for where could be better than in the land of Mary. for I know, will know of my great devotion to her, which is not born of a crib, but one morning for over a decade in which I was unaware of their existence, but she would know if mine since I was knocked on his door that night. I could have gone anywhere in the city but I did not pass the old wall, but stay to receive the Hope, that hope that from that day for me became Macarena, and which accompanies me every day, at all timesat that moment when you feel the deepest loneliness and uncertainty, just remember only that loneliness and tears and it appears that clarity chlamydia, which is only comparable with the love of a mother.

NHD Francisco Javier García Tejada

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