Manuel García García chosen Brother of the Macarena

12 November 2013

On the day of November 10 , at 0:30 , opened the council Electoral Officer after the end of regular accounts . It was a day where the Brothers of the Macarena showed signs of maturity and expertise that distinguishes them. Throughout the day , between the hours in which the tables were open so you could exercise the right to vote, did not cease the activity and the court was very busy until they closed the doors of the room to be counted.

So voting has concluded , we proceeded to count the ballots in the presence of the two candidates and the Secretary of Our Lady of Hope , under the supervision of the presidents of the tables that had been designated by the Delegation of Legal Affairs for Fraternities and Guilds Diocese . The members of the officers found that the existing number of ballots at the polls, coincided with the official lists of Brothers who had voted . After the count in all five tables that were set for the elections , the Electoral Board subsequently proclaimed the elect , in accordance with the following vote:

Votes Cast : 2,975

In favor of the nomination submitted by D. Manuel García García : 1,857

In favor of the nomination submitted by D. Bello Agustín Conde Valdés: 1,010

Blank votes : 72

Invalid votes : 36

Being therefore proclaimed Brother, pending confirmation by ecclesiastical authority , D. Manuel Garcia Garcia, and his candidacy is composed of the following gentlemen and Fees:

 D. James D. Lieutenant Ortega Alvarez Brother

D. First Counselor Fernando Fernandez Cabezuelo

D. Second Counselor Delgado Guillermo Orellana

D. Jose Antonio Fernandez Cabrero Third Counsellor

D. Antonio Jimeno Chaplain Pine Room

D. Antonio García Rodríguez Attorney First

D. Manuel R. Caro Campbell Fiscal Second

D. José Carlos CasillasBueno Steward of Our Lady of the Rosary

D. Fco Jose Cossio Silva Butler of Our Lady of Hope

D. Antonio Carrasco Torres Secretary of Our Lady of the Rosary

D. José Luis Vega Vázquez Secretary of Our Lady of Hope

D. Jerónimo Sánchez Núñez Prioste of Our Lady of the Rosary

D. Hernandez Marmolejo Fermando Prioste of Our Lady of Hope

D. José María del Castillo Jimenez Deputy Chief Government

The chosen Candidate was released the brothers who packed the Basilica by the Delegate of the Ecclesiastical Authority , who chaired the tables. Rev. Mr. Angel Antonio Failde  Rodriguez

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