I Contest of Artistic Photography ESPERANZA NUESTRA

14 March 2012

BASES OF THE I CONTEST OF ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY ‘ ESPERANZA NUESTRA ‘ 1.-PARTICIPANTS Will Be able to take part in the present contest all those major persons of age, professional or fond photographers, of any nationality, providing that they are authors of the photographies that they present and these are unpublished. 2.-PHOTOGRAPHIES 2.1. Subject matter The subject matter of the photographies will be the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one and the universe devocional and popularly that it provokes around it. Therefore, the photographies there will approach any motive related to the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one, his Sacred Images, the worships, the Station of Penance, the life of Brotherhood, the devout ones, the brothers, the neighborhood, the international projection of the devotion, what is to be Pertaining to La Macarena, the penetration of the Brotherhood the daily life, etc. There will be valued the artistic premeditation of the photographies and the creativity of the same ones, being basic that his author shows an original and new look on the proposed subject matter. 2.2. The Juror The Meeting of Government will designate a qualified juror composed by seven members designated by the Meeting of Government, who will choose three winning photographies between all the presented ones. The juror will determine according to the criteria exposed in the epigraph 2.1. The winning photography of the first, second and third prize. If the juror was thinking that the presented photographies do not reach these minimums demanded of quality and originality, it will be able to declare the prizes desert. 2.3 Exhibition Marries Brotherhood. Of between all the photographies , The juror will choose 20 photographies that will take part in an exhibition in the House of Brotherhood (or place where it is decided for major embossment and media repercussion of the above mentioned exhibition), in date to determine for the Brotherhood and that will be announced by sufficient anticipation in the web page. Also it will save itself the right not to realize this exhibition or to reduce the number of exposed images in case the level of the presented material was not the demanded one. The participation in the exhibition in the House of Brotherhood (or place for deciding) will not generate right to any remuneration to the authors of the selected and exposed photographies. 2.4. Original works Only will be able to be sent unpublished and original photographies, which have not obtained before any prize not been published in In no way, exhibition, contest or analogous space, and with regard to which the participant has all the rights demanded in the present bases. In the same way, the participant remains obliged, once an envoy la/s fotografía/s to the contest to not publicarla/s not compartirla/s not darle/s some diffusion that they break his condition of inédita/s. 2.5. Term and form of sending to compete the participants will send the image or images, close to the form of participation signed and scanned (area of unload of documents of the web), to the email address concursofoto@hermandaddelamacarena.es. The organization reserves the right to contact the participant to confirm the information. Once known three winning photographies (in case they were), these They will remain secret up to his publication in ‘ ESPERANZA NUESTRA ‘ 2012. The photographies will have to be sent between the abril 9 and on May 25, 2012, both inclusive. The passed above mentioned term will not be admitted any photography. The organization will be able to withdraw, at any time, all those photographies that he thinks that they are not adapted to the subject matter of the contest, they were turning out to be offensive or, in general, they were not fulfilling the conditions indicated in the present bases. 2.6. Format and size of the photographies Only will admit photographies into format JPG. In case of sending the photography in a different format, there will stay to criterion of the organization the admission of the same one or the conversion of the photography to a compatible format. Previous notice to the winners, and after the failure of the juror, So much of three winning photographies like the twenty chosen ones for the exhibition there will be requested the participants the file or copy of the original one, which they will have to be sent to the Brotherhood in format JPG to 300 points of resolution and in size A4. 2.7. Maximum number of photographies Every participant will be able to present a maximum of five photographies. 2.8. Laws on the photographies The participants will have to be the legitimate holders of the rights of the photography, and have obtained, in his case, the authorizations or permissions for the obtaining and / or diffusion of the photography. The Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one will not be responsible for any claim or requirement in relation to infraction of rights of intellectual or industrial property, of rights of image or in relation to the treatment of Information of personal character. 2.9. Juror and selection of photographies Voting of the Juror. The qualified juror of seven members designated by the Meeting of Government, will take charge choosing three winning photographies and the twenty that will be exposed. The decision will be adopted of collegiate form on May 30, 2012. The decision of the juror will be inappealable. 2.10. Communication the winners El failure of the juror will publicize the day of the presentation of ESPERANZA NUESTRA 2012 and will be announced in the web of the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one. Nevertheless, the selected ones to take part in the exhibition will be notified individually by the organization, by means of e-mail or in his fault by means of telephonic call. In case of not being able to contact the winners, or in case of Not to come to the delivery of the prize, the participant will be discredited, staying the desert prize. 3.-PRIZES The present contest will reward to three winning photographies publishing them in the near printed edition of ‘ OUR HOPE ‘ (issue of 13.000 copies). In case someone of the winners has publicized previously the photography rewarded in some way it will lose his right to the prize. In addition the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one will deliver in the date that determines an obsequiousness to three winners in an act that will be presided by the Major Brother and that will be announced across all the mass media that the Brotherhood has to his disposition, as well as a certificate sent by the corporation. 4.-ABANDONMENT OF RIGHTS ON THE PHOTOGRAPHIES The participants  They authorize the reproduction of his works without credit of rights, though this authorization is limited to a use related to the contest and to the exhibition of the photographies selected in the House of Brotherhood, as well as for future editions and / or divulgative in the supports of the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one and not for other commercial ends. A) winning and exposed Photographies The authors and / or holders of the rights of exploitation of the photographies who had taken part in the exhibition of the house Brotherhood, or that had received someone of the prizes of the present contest, accept expressly the transfer in sole right of the rights of exploitation on the same ones, without geographical limitation. This abandonment of rights of exploitation will allow, in the maximum legal term, the reproduction,Distribution or publication of the works in any support or format, digital or analogical, related or not with the present contest, of isolated form or close to other works, and of free or remunerated form. With this purpose, the authors will be able to be needed for the reference of the photographies, in high resolution or quality, in the supposition that the sent photography was not allowing the suitable publication of the same one. B) Come out in photographs participants All the participants, for the simple fact of sending his photography, they authorize the reproduction, distribution and public communication of his works without credit of rights or any consideration, for the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one. The authorization will understand the maximum legal term, and will allow the reproduction of the work in any support, foxglove Digital or analogical. There remains, therefore, expressly authorized the utilization of any sent photography, for the Brotherhood of the Pertaining to La Macarena one for the digital edition or paper of anyone of his supports of communication. The photographies will be able to be used as they were sent, though they will be able to be processed digitalmente without any limitation. The photographies will be able to be exhibited accompanied of graphical or sonorous effects, and of complete or partial form, or of isolated form or close to other photographies. 5.-PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION The information will be in use only as element of receipt and contact for the participation in the present contest. The information will gather and store in a servant by the due measures of safety, which demands the Organic Law of of Protection of Personal Information. In agreement with the Protection law of Information, the participants will be able to exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of e-mail directed hope – macarena@hermandaddelamacarena.es 6.-ACCEPTANCE OF THE BASES The participation in the present contest supposes the complete acceptance of the present bases.

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