Your absence and Hope

25 June 2012

It will be the uncertainty of not knowing how you really are or may be knowing that in a week I can not see his face serene and humble that we have used, but today I go home and be selfish with the mother to whom we owe the name I feel a bit empty in my life I have never known a day when you were not on your altar, go for 23 years and that gives a lot to discuss, even in the blessed 18 September we went to the Olympic Stadium de la Cartuja you were still keeping our house, but this time the time is the greatest enemy of all living requires us to have you not seen, not present for a short time, but for those who love you till the end of our time, eternal.

The confidence Francisco Arquillo NHD is the feeling of almost thirteen thousand brothers and countless Macarenos found throughout the land desire, dear brother, into thy hands we place the Macarenos our father, who unjustly sentenced, the same as hundreds of faithful pray and implore aid, a Century escort every day, the same as above to Hope …

In your hands brother let my faith and my heart, because, as someone once said, everyone is macareno until proven otherwise, and Macarenos we all are, but who prays to the Lord of Judgment, that’s macareno sure …

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