N.H.D. Carlos Colón presents ESPERANZA NUESTRA 2012

9 November 2012

Dragon falls for the second time on ESPERANZA NUESTRA. And this second call is still more than the first Macarena. What will the third? Better yet, no doubt, and not be so hard to do. We know all the year whose anniversaries will be included in the third issue of our hope, by 2014, will be the fiftieth anniversary of the Canonical Coronation. And this anniversary box-Grosso Glorious triumphant return of up to bolt Braña Marta makes. But this second issue that today we present … This second number is the centennial of the popular coronation of 1913 encouraged by Muñoz and Pabon, and therefore also the centenary of the lattice-shaped crown that will design to Hope Juan Manuel Rodriguez Ojeda, and is the centenary of Joselito admitted as brother and was miraculously saved from a goring for a medal of Hope. Coronation popular, Muñoz and Pabon, Rodriguez Ojeda, Joselito. Is there room for more macarenas events and people? Well fit into this number that we present today: the old market of the Incarnation, the birthplace of such great Macarenos; macarenas and couplets written by Rafael de León who sang many, but none like Juanita, of Vine Street, the daughter of Miguel Reina, and Rafael Franco commanding voice, and imposing order Melli the legions, and the memories and experiences of Manuel Martinez, and Hope with rings on her fingers and touched Juan Manuel, the brotherhood of armaos smoking cigars, Nazarenes with raised masks, courtship dissolved in a sea of hats and wide-brimmed hats and high crown by browsing the canopy of Hope, and the Lord of Judgment Pilate face in the barbershop step out of the narrow streets of the orchards to Resolana … That world, in short, that Serrano photographed in the 20s and 30s. The cover says it all, why continue? A picture is worth a thousand words. And if it’s of Hope, more than a million.
So is that yes, things fit as macarenas and as large as the Canonical Coronation in this second issue of our hope that today we present, for this brotherhood, this brotherhood, this devotion and this Virgin would for a month without depleting number news, stories and legends. Who can keep up that makes this Virgin impatient? Who can say here that everything is all said and done? Everything is everything to be said and done when it comes to Esperanza. We who would exhaust us, and the butler that wear away, if we had the pride and aspiration impossible to live up to what Our Lady of Hope requires, the brothers deserve and expect Sevilla Brotherhood of the Macarena.
But let’s get started, I would say Chano bottomed Amador Centeno bolt, soon to be the first in the campaign and missing just over a month to Hope is in levees.
Present this second issue of the first HOPE OUR its regular features that give you current news, remember what happened and announce events to come.
Following the Pledge of Big Brother and the Publisher, VIVA BROTHERHOOD section gives news of Worship, Penance Station, Social Assistance hands are acting Hope this difficult reality and memory activities. With a special section on conservation interventions and maintenance of our three Sacred Images Headlines conducted recently. The text of the restorer and lecturer at the School of Fine Arts Arquillo Francisco, doctor of Hope rigorously explain the nature of these interventions and the splendid photography studio Emilio Saenz remove cataracts from eyes showing some renewed splendor of our holders.
The next section, THIRTEEN THOUSAND U.S., including the child witness “Wand” and witness adult “Cirio purple, green candle”, this year dedicated to our beloved brother, Manuel Martinez, whose memory is the story of half a century of life Brotherhood and whose life could be defined only with the title of the next section, “Fidelity macarena”, dedicated to the brothers turning 50 and 75 years of membership in the Brotherhood. The voice of “Devoted” is represented by Henry Esquivias, dear brother of the brotherhood of the Great Power and exemplary servant of the Lord in his two terms has restored the image, the house of the Lord and the passage of Seville. Write Enrique how it looks to Hope after a mask of Rouen and feels like a heart that encircles esparto. “Malla” offered collaborations brothers and signature book texts, testimonies of pure devotion and often anonymous macarena and “Last levantá” Macarenos reminded that they are in heaven.
Thus we come to the heart of our hope theological, theology, and say here are not meant for the incomprehensible half brother, but what you put into words what we all feel: SMILE section of our soul, which presents three articles dedicated to the deeper significance of the invocations of our headlines: the Judgment or maintained faith in the test, hope or desire and the promise of the Kingdom of God and the rosary or prayer as the key to Heaven is Hope door. The Brotherhood announced with justifiable satisfaction, pride might say if we were not sacred, that on Judgment writes John A. Carrillo Salcedo, Professor Emeritus of International Law at the University of Seville, Curatorium member of the Academy of International Law in The Hague, retired Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Favorite Son of Andalucia and Medal of Andalusia. About Hope writes Father Antonio M. Calero de los Rios, a Salesian priest, member of the Pontifical International Marian Academy and Society Mariological Spanish, wise and good man, the priest and preacher are needed that touches the soul and passes. About the Rosary writes Cardinal Amigo Vallejo, Archbishop Emeritus of Sevilla and favorite son of Andalusia, under whose pontificate the Pope twice visited Seville and Sor Angela de la Cruz was beatified and canonized.
Romancing the theological, body and soul folk art. Open up the doors, sounds the Youth Band of Centuria Macarena and leave all four speakers, for the brotherhood takes to the street we come to the last section of our hope, LIGHT AND GRACE OF SEVILLE. Orderly known in their sections, “The bowels of Glory” deals with the great Rafael Franco through a text written by our general foreman Antonio Santiago. From foreman to captain in “The Arm” Centuria captain, Fernando Vaz, evokes the figure of Antonio Ángel Franco in an article that is the only title possible case of Melli, which together with its successors and Pepe Garcia Pelao Centuria got to give serious without losing neither air nor his grace: “The truth of the Arm of the Macarena.” The bullfighting critic, Professor of Spanish Literature at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, National Essay Prize, National Critics Award Literary Prize Award Fastenrath and Jose Maria de Cossio, Andres Amoros writes with knowledge and expertise appropriate to them on Joselito and the Macarena in “Events”. Nothing I say now because he’s going to tell better about this finish presenting our hope. Javier Rodriguez Barberán, art historian, professor at the School of Architecture and author of numerous publications, and a server, type in “Geography macarena” on the old market of the Incarnation and the universe of which was its center. That old market that began in 1847 to raise money for brushes new step with the judgment of the Lord, of the dynasty of the ash, which has given the Brotherhood members of Governing Board, Big Brothers and Captains of the Century, or the Moles-Joaquin Jimenez, who paid with clothes Joselito juanmanuelina of Arm-and their descendants Garcia, who simply appoint Pepe, Captain of the Century, and Big Brother to us today chairs, donations of gold coins and Alphonsine Elizabethan crown for Juan Manuel, photographs and tiles of the posts of the festivals with portraits of Hope between Manila shawls, as seen in one of the most beautiful pictures of the many that this publication provides.
Offerings to the Lord of Judgment and the Virgin of Hope made by the arts, music, images and words close this second issue of our hope. In the arts, commemorating the centenary of the completion of the gold crown designed by Juan Manuel and executed by the Kings Jewelry, handles Professor of Art History at the University of Leeds, National Essay Prize Caja San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Seville, of the Royal Cavalry of Seville, and the Hon. Ayuntamiento de Sevilla Andrés Luque in his article “The golden crown of the Virgin of Esperanza. Historical and artistic significance. ” Attaching items to the press in 1913 that gave news of the popular coronation that he said chronicle “El Correo de Andalucía”, made even more magnificent trousseau of Hope although the commentator added, everything, “the pallium extraordinary splendid mantle where the velvet disappears under torrents of gold, worthy of the mantle skirt, jewelry and valuable to the new gold crown was poor beside sorcerer that face. ” From music occupies Professor of English at the University of Seville and co-author of Poems and Songs of Rafael de León Gómez Manuel Lara in his article “Rafael de León: poems and songs to the Virgin of San Gil.” The image of extraordinary photographs provide the head teacher and lineage of photographers Serrano, whose figure is evoked by his grandson Juan Manuel Serrano reputation macareno-Becerra, chief photographer for ABC de Sevilla. And the word … the word is concerned, worries and enjoy the great poet Manuel Mantero, Professor of Spanish Literature at the American University of Georgia, National Literature Prize, Fastenrath Prize and Gold Medal of the city of Seville. Your text “La Macarena, far and near,” written especially for our hope, appear today, sure, among the great texts Macarenos.
Is there more? Well, yes. Attached as gift CD edition of a facsimile reproduction of that legendary first album of Centuria Romana Macarena, every single historical recovery with five gears Escámez classic.
So there you go. This extraordinary plus current and historical photographs that turn our hope in a reference publication. Antonio Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Pedro Bohorquez, Alejandro Lopez, Emilio Saenz, Nacho Sabater and a server, as members of the Editorial Board, we hope to have responded to what the Brotherhood has given us. And just because, here’s all short and rightfully says. Or is the Catechism of the Catholic Church that “the virtue of hope responds to the aspiration to happiness which God has placed in the heart of every man, protects and sustains discouragement in times of abandonment” as we define it here to say enough MACARENA ? That’s it. Thank you very much … And one more thing. The first issue of our hope, fresh out of the press, is always delivered to our Brother. But this time he has delivered the second. The former has been taken to a hospital to give it to a Armao has much to thank Hope. Going for you, Carre!

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