Advent, a time of hope

4 December 2012

Though we were in the last days of our chronological year, we are located just before the first period of the Catholic liturgical year.

It figures in the prophet Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary of Nazareth where the Church represents the coming of Christ and the hope of the resurrection, but in Seville Advent – like so many of our day – the brand HOPE.

Advent is the time period of gestation, and is actually the metaphor of pregnancy that makes us understand the arrival of the feast of the Expectation and why Hope is the prelude to the birth of Christ.

It assumes a leading physically transfer from the Bitterness of November, month of the dead bitter, bitter months of unemployment and poverty proliferation has filled the offices of the soup kitchens while evicting small businesses that sustain humble neighborhoods; happens before the presentation of the Calvary that we see every day that pass all those suffering because they recognize their work and struggling not to be evicted from the houses that the bank claims with zeal to fill a list greedily; leading always – how could it be otherwise in Seville, Marian – Mary, Sinelabe Concepta, listening from the top of the altar of Alfonso XII those ladies who come to ask that they take a hand San Judas Tadeo. But something feels to get this date to believe that next year we will do better, the city hosts a nervous murmur fills the hearts: a few days left to lower the Macarena.

Etymologically Hope is “confident that we desire something happen”, of hyponym is “illusion” is the virtue of “pass from becoming to being”, but it also has a face that appears as the girl who does not finish 19th birthday, but hides crying smile, that everything has to go and will be she who gives us light the night awake agony clouds dissipating social, economic, crisis of values and dreams they have to embark in a carry-on bag and announcing the end of Advent and the arrival time of Hope. Wipe the tears of those who have kissed all hands that precede and future projects. This occurs simultaneously around the world … But it may be that the Arco de la Macarena is truly Heaven’s Gate …

Fear not for no one, because he will come again and will return in exchange for our kiss, the motivational force that makes virtue of those who believe in Him.

NHDª Noemí Ojeda Álvarez

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