Literary collaboration


    Those Members who wish to participate with articles on the website of the Brotherhood can send their texts to the email address stating " literary collaboration" in the matter and may not exceed the extension of an A4 sheet the format of the letter of 12 points. If you want to send a picture to illustrate the article, it must be submitted in jpg format.

    The texts, which must contain the name and ID of the author, will be published following the guidelines dictated by the Rules for all activities of the Brotherhood, supervised and monitored by the Governing Board, restricting those who do not comply with the standards referenced. However, the editors made for the publication of texts on the website, you do not necessarily assume the entire contents of the contributions of members, be they ever published that fall in the criteria and the Board of Directors considered of general interest web.

  • A flower called Macarena

    Written 28.01.2012

    Seville is its beauty in a dark pink that afflicted the penalty Sevilla plants and their entire prays. His shy smile is the infinite glory and an “early bird” Seville is the queen and sovereign a devotion that never fades. And lasts through time fugitive. In its beauty and prosperity summarizes the name: Hope that … Continue reading

  • Act 2011 Exaltation of the bolt

    Written 26.01.2012

    In the streak, which is the Queen of my soul / I was lucky to sing without finding no peace and calm / but it was worth it / was winning a battle / to sing Macarena. / You that since I was a sucker / I tuvistes by your side / my parents your … Continue reading

  • Thank you, thank you, Macarena

    Written 26.01.2012

    In hard times is when we see and appreciate all that good which gives us life as precious works from the hand of God the Father. To get there we need mediators and who better than the Virgin Mary our Mother. So I’ve been able to see after passing through a hard trance. My son, … Continue reading

  • the alleys

    Written 23.01.2012

    It’s my corner, my imaginary balcony, my window to the world, my dreams, feelings, my experiences, the joy, my loneliness … And also my “steps”, my friends and my “road “…. my way of seeing and understanding the land and Cofrade Mariana, Lark and taurine, showmen and taverns. My Alley me, I’ma little corner and … Continue reading

  • Hope of my childhood

    Written 18.01.2012

    I remember that by April 1 Sangil meets girl twenty years. I can not begin to be moving what it means for me this girl in San Gil. I go back to the year eighty. I have eight years at that time. They are my first memories of her, memories of Holy Thursday evening, tunics … Continue reading

  • The kiss macareno

    Written 18.01.2012

    On Thursday morning different. La Virgen de la Esperanza, the picture in your wallet and old tiles in the neighborhood, had left his dressing room for a few days after birth of baby Jesus, receive kisses and caresses all who approached his house. During these days, coming to your party, in which it is “blessed … Continue reading

  • The day that Jesus would not be born, a tale of Antonio Garcia Barbeito

    Written 2.12.2011

    On Friday December 9, to the twenty and fifteen hours, will be held at the Basilica of Santa Maria de la Esperanza Macarena, an act in which the writer and journalist Antonio García Sevilla Barbeito, read the Christmas story “The day that Jesus would not be born. “At the end of it shall be the … Continue reading

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